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Top 10 Egyptian Screen Mums

We love mothers. We love films. Here are the top 10 mums from Egyptian cinema history, with the full films to watch online.

We can't get enough of these screen legends. Spend the day watching the films below in full with your mum; thank us later! 

Amina Rizk in Bein El Qasreen

Fatin Hamama in Emberatoreyet Meem

Karima Mokhtar in El Hafeed

Mary Monib in Hamaty Malaak

Abla Kamel in Sayed El Atefy

Lebleba in Arees Men Geha Amneya

Amal Zaed in Shee' Men El Khof

Fardous Mohamed in Ibn El Nil

Mervat Amin in Tazweer fe Awara' Rasmeya

Dalal Abdelaziz in La Tarago' wala Esteslam

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Manic Monday @ CJC
Date: 6/17/2019
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