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Egypt Ranks World's 25th Most Powerful Country

The only other Arab countries to make it to the annual rank are Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

With a military that consistently ranks among the world's most powerful and an established cultural, political and economic influence in the region, Egypt has made it to the annual list by the US News and World Report as the world's 25th most powerful nation.

Power doesn't necessarily translate into better lives for citizens however, which is evident in Egypt's snagging of the 70th spot when it comes to quality of life, ahead of only 10 other countries.

Ranking ahead of Egypt in the Middle East are Saudi Arabia and, UAE, and Qatar, the 9th, 10th , and 15th most powerful countries, respectively. Egypt also ranked as the 33rd most culturally-influential country in the world, slightly ahead of Saudi Arabia (38) and Qatar (34), but falling short to the UAE (30).

The United States remains the most powerful country, obviously, followed by Russia and China. The country with the world's highest quality of life is Canada, followed by Denmark, and Sweden, while the US has the world's 17th best quality of life.

The annual list ranks each country based on nine factors, eventually giving each an overall rank, at which Egypt scored 42, behind the UAE (17), Qatar (35), and Saudi Arabia (37). View the full list through here.


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