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Egypt's First Locally-Produced Smartphone to Be Exported to African Countries

They're also adding eight new models in 2019.

SICO smartphone

SICO – also known to be the first smartphone maker in Egypt– is planning on expanding the exports of their cellphones to other African countries by as early as 2019.

SICO already exports to the Gulf, and is planning on expanding their markets by adding Kenya, Morocco, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Ghana to that list, according to SICO's Sales Director Mahmoud Ali.

"It's a promising market and there's much less competition than in the Gulf," Ali told Reuters.

SICO's phones are relatively cheap, compared to the EGP 27,000 iPhones being sold in the market. In Egypt, SICO's smartphones are sold at about EGP 2,000; Ali expects to be selling the phones at about $60 in the other African countries.

SICO is planning on adding eight additional phones in 2019, in addition to the tablets which already exist.

Main image from Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters.

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