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Egypt Added to National Geographic’s River Cruises

The cruises combine luxury travel with Nat Geo's expertise.

Luxor Cruise

National Geographic has announced that it has added Egypt to its list of destinations in its collaboration with Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, dubbed National Geographic Expeditions, according to Sea Trade Cruise News.

The collaboration combines Scenic's acclaimed and award-winning services, with the American network's expertise, with Nat Geo experts boarding every trip.

Named The Egyptian Archaeological Excavation, the Egypt cruise will be pass through Luxor and Aswan, with passengers also getting the chance to explore the more cultural side of the country, as they'll be attending performances featuring traditional Egyptian dance and music. The cruises include a list of excursions ranging from hiking, to bike rides, to in-depth learning experiences for travelers to choose from.

Having launched the partnership in 2017, the Scenic and National Geographic cruises initially included the Rhine, the Danube, the Main and Moselle Rivers and Portugal's Doura, with other new destinations announced include locations in Russia and France.

Main Image: Egypt Tours

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