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By the End of Year, 1 Million Ukrainian Tourists Will Have Visited Egypt in 2018

Egypt is the second top destination for Ukrainian tourists.

Ukrainian Tourists in Egypt

Ukrainian Ambassador to Egypt, Hennadii Latii, has revealed that the number of Ukrainian tourists in Egypt is estimated to reach one million by the end of 2018, with the number of those visiting from Ukraine having already reached 773,000 between January and August. Latii adds that Egypt is the second highest destination that sees Ukrainian tourists. 

Latii explains that in light of the two countries' strong bilateral relations, Ukraine is willing to export any agricultural products to Egypt upon request. The trade exchange between Ukraine and Egypt went up to USD 2 billion, USD 1.9 billion of which went to Ukraine for the export of wheat among other products. Having already signed an agreement with Ukraine for the export of 17 coaches, Alexandria is also set to receive its first tram coach by the end of the year.  

Main Image: Hikers Bay

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