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Eat & Barrel Rolls Into Ramadan

Eat & Barrel brings the true spirit of Egypt's streets to their massive deck for Ramadan Fel Hara...

Since it flung open its rustic, nautical doors a few months back, Eat & Barrel has been consistently churning out both daytime and nocturnal shenanigans. Their wooden deck has hosted half the city at their weekly Friday Eat To The Beats, where it was all sunshine and smooth tunes. But now, the floating spot is getting in the Ramadan spirit, transforming their venue into a full-on hara. The whole place has been decked out with oriental carpets and oversized lanterns; their signature barrel seats have been swopped for fat comfy pouffes and floor seating and the decks have been traded in for a batata cart. Yes, they have brought in an actual batata cart, set up in the middle of the sprawling deck and cooking up some sweet potatoes. Also, they have a traditional foul guy. Just in case you were like, but hey, what about the foul

The Nile-side spot will be hosting both Iftars (open buffet) and Sohours at their place for the duration of the month, and we must say, the idea of feasting along the banks of Nile during sunset makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and Instagram-y inside. For Sohours, they've got an actual mesaharaty who'll be roaming the decks of the boat and adding some authentic flair to the evening. And on the weekends, they’re upping the ante, with a series of acts set to take the stage. From Masar Egbari to Salalem to Hegazy Metkal, your music fix is totally covered. And bringing the laughs one weekend will be Al Hezb El Comedy, sure to have you in stitches before you’ve made it through your slice of basbousa. We don't know about you but we're ready for #RamadanFelHarra. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @eatandbarrel.





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